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5 Pillars of Every Successful Business

We will help you get all five parts of the value cycle working together in order to succeed

Business Vision – How Important Is It?

Business vision is vitally important, but it will not get results unless you have a clear plan and put your strategies into action.

(V + P) x A = R

(Vision + Plan) X Action = Results

It can also be said, that a vision without a plan is a daydream. Small business owners who succeed in business tend to have a clear vision that is written down. It is not good enough to have the business vision in your head. The whole idea of having a vision is so that you can communicate with your team about you ideas, goals and dreams.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. Joel A. Barker

One of the most powerful things in business is having a team of people united around a shared vision. This is how you motivate and energise your team. A powerful and compelling business vision shared amongst your team will stir up passion and commitment. It enables you to fully leverage the talents and time of others to attain your goals.

There is one thing we know for sure, in business and in life there will be obstacles to overcome. When life gets tough, we need to be able to remind ourselves what we came here for, and that picture or vision that is firmly implanted in our minds enables us to persevere through trials and it will give us the resolve not to quit when the going gets tough.

There was a famous AFL coach who once said, “winning teams keep on doing the winning things even when they are behind.” I think this is what happened when the Western Bulldogs won their first premiership in 62 years in October of 2016.

That will go down as one of the great Grand Finals, with the Western Bulldogs storming from seventh spot on the ladder to win their first flag in 62 years. So many great moments, so many great performances.

AFL Grand final 2016

The vision the Bulldogs had for winning the flag over-ruled any tendency to ruminate on 62 years of failure. the whole team, as well as their faithful supporters could not allow themselves to become distracted by dwelling on past performances.

And so it is with small business owners, they must have a clear and documented vision. The vision itself will not be enough, they must also have a plan. The plan enables the business team to create order out of chaos. Success will not result from continually fighting spot-fires. The plan establishes a series of actions that will sustain momentum towards the attainment of the goal.

Nothing much of any consequence happens without a compelling vision shared amongst your team.

A plan is needed to keep you and your team focused on high payoff activities.

“Build Execution into strategy” Jim Collins Author of Good to Great.

It is not enough to have a great strategy, the only thing that brings about change is “Action”. that is why we offer “Coached Business Plans and Implementation” Action plans are all about the hard work and effort you apply towards attaining your business vision. The formula sums it up:

(V + P) x A = R

(Vision + Plan) X Action = Results

The results come when you apply effort to high payoff activities as determined in your business plan. LivePlan is a great place to start documenting your business vision. You can get to their website from our home page. At the moment the are charging less than $10 USD to subscribe for the first month. You can unsubscribe any time you like, but a month is plenty of time to write a great business plan. We can help you with that if you like via a “coached business plan process”, but he main thing is document your vision, create your plan, and execute your high payoff strategies.

Now is a great time to start, because if you are a small business owner, you are definitely:

Too busy NOT to plan!

If you would like to discover your unique talents and gain advanced insights into emotional intelligence that will help you nurture and develop those talents, call Christopher on +61 0421 713 140 or you can reach me on email by filling out the contact form below.

How to build an emotionally engaged team.

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