5 Pillars of Every Successful Business

We will help you get all five parts of the value cycle working together in order to succeed

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Sales results matter in Brisbane.

As a successful business owner needs a great business mentor brisbane area, you will be good at sales, or you will employ someone who is. If you can sell, or if you employ people that get sales results, your business can succeed.

If you know how to sell your product or service and you can deliver what you sell for a profit, you have the basis of a successful business. All you need to do is keep repeating the process over and over again and the results will come.

The problem with many businesses, is they lose focus on the results goal. Less successful businesses get caught up in the “Process”. This takes the team away from “High Payoff Activities” that get results.

Sales results matter, so what do successful business managers do consistently to get results?

5 things successful business managers do consistently:

  1. They get the right people on the team because sales results matter
  2. They get the wrong people off the team because sales results matter
  3. They get their¬†people focused on “High Payoff Activities” because sales results matter
  4. They do not get caught up in process because sales results matter
  5. They keep on repeating the conversion of inquiry¬†to sales results because…..


“Between the idea and the reality lies the shadow” Anonymous

It is equally true that

Between the First Contact and the Results lies the process”.

Process is important, but don’t make process the main focus. Focus on process too much and life will be as though you live in a pinball machine, ricocheting off one process after another with little to show for your efforts. You will be doing lots of things, feeling very busy, but not getting many results.

The key to amazing sales results is excellent “systems” that control the processes. In the MacDonald’s model, the systems run the business, and the people run the systems. they have created brilliant systems that do not require humans with super-powers.

You do need good people, and you do need to make it easy for them to stay focused on high payoff activities. You do this by doing three things consistently well:

  1. Recruit results focused, talented people.
  2. Place them in the right position where they perform “High Payoff Activities”.
  3. Provide them with systems that streamline the process and get results.

Results based sales systems do not snare your people in costly and time consuming process. Results based sales  systems create a direct path from first contact to buying decisions. In other words, they move your clients from first contact, through to buying decisions in the most direct route possible.

“Marketing at it’s best can be defined as automated sales”

Intergrated marketing systems will generate as many qualified leads as your business needs at any time in order to achieve its sales and profitability goals. Your website needs to “Talk”¬†to your facebook page and other social media platforms.

When people inquire on  your website, your database needs to capture the inquiry in a seamless way so you can nurture the leads stream. Integrated marketing systems will take your customers from first inquiry to buying decisions in a seamless process, because Sales Results Matter.

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